Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gregor Mendel

Kau awesome. How i wish kau masih alive. So that aku dapat jumpa kau and belajar more about genetics. The study of genes is pretty interesting walaupun payah. I was impressed pasal his study of inheritance sampai aku check arh bichemistry punya website pasal his finding about the genotype and phenotype. The recessive and dominant. How ia tamu2kan different types of pea plants. Sampai macam2 ia discover. Like tall/dwarf, axial/terminal flower position, purple/white flower, yellow/green clour of the pod/peas sama round/wrinkled pea shape. Gila awesome juakan tu. Nda jua urg kan mcm tepikir kan meresearch about that.

Pasal his idea of inheritance, banyak improvements in medical field. Sama in agriculture jua. Now urg dapat clone animals (which i'm not really sure about this i mean dari religion aspect) Dapat teka inheritance of penyakit. Dapat explain sal occurrence of albino. Sex linkage, Codominace, gene interaction, genetic mapping etc2..

Hah whatever... nada jua urg paduli wah. Only true biologist ganya paduli and appreciate his findings. (im not saying that im a true biologist)

Do i really want to be a biochemist?? sal biochemical engineering pun mcm interesting... Nahhh just stick to biochemistry..

Aaarghhhhh!!! o.O

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