Wednesday, July 16, 2008

we were cooking, rite?? =S

Bad news, bad news... we have bio topic test on gaseous exchange and infectious disease!! Damn!! the setter is azrul n i hav a bad feeling about it.. Why?? sal kan all bio students hav the test msa ada 3 period!! selalunya in one day, semua class test!! so maknanya this test mesti byk question kali n maybe HARD!!

Let me recap a bit if i can remember..

Gaseous exchange:
-tidal volume
-oxygen affinity
-CO2 transport
-haemoglobin, myoglobin, fetal haemoglobin
-Bohr's effect
-smoking related disease
-the brain tingy yg initiate breathing movement HAHA yg negative feedback ah
-epidemiological and experimental evidence of smoking-related disease

Infectious disease:
-importance of the diseases
-methods of prevention and ways to decrease risk

Ok back to my original plan...

Bio seems interesting, bio seems fun.. our activity today was awesome, cos we were cooking beef stew!! yumm!!

-17 onions
-17 potatoes
-Lots of water
-mortar and pestle
-bunsen burner with fire
-'cooking' utensils
-anything dat u can request from tcr

Cara memasak:
  1. Mula2, kita read the instruction.
  2. Den cut the potato into smaller pieces.. This will increase the surface area to volume ratio supaya laju masak =.="
  3. Lapas atu tranfer ke mortar and pestle for futher crushing
  4. Do the same thing for the onions
  5. Rabus in a water bath for five minutes and add necessary ingredients.
  6. DEN massukkan si MUAMMAR and let it cook for 45 minutes.. so that food poisoning nda berlaku.. cmon!! salmonelalalalalalala *inside joke* nda kmu belajar infectious diseases ka??? ehhh!! bek belajar.. tampar2 kmu krg sorang2... High temperature will kill this bacteria! so yeah..
  7. For final touch add neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils and basophils to kill all the pathogens (freak jua si lhorus ani eh)
  8. Den siap.. Enjoy!! 
warning : the stew may contain a lot of FAT!

tadikan msa d librabry.. si fiqaboobs sed "ok lai??' to dis person which is from our batch jua.. WAHAHAHAH ia pikir fom 1 or 2
PLUS ia suka si BUNTAL
wedah suka GIGI
nuyun suka ummm pina colada xxp
wina suka ummm a very rare species heheh
syah suka umm nyah
hong suka u noe hu
me suka umm nah....

We hate suckup-erss

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