Saturday, July 19, 2008

We were baking ryte??

I was still confused.. the smell of yeast still lingers in my head.. Wait.. R we baking?? R u sure were taking biology?? Not home-economics?? WAIT!! what was i thinking?? HOME-ECONOMICS?? ME?! R u sure??

Yeah, that's the magical of taking biology as your subject.. We were'nt just learning difficult terms like niche, biomes, tidal volume, kaporsi sarcoma (luruska??), retrovirus, zidovudine, polymyxines, or knowing the bacteria's, fungi's and virus's species like vibrio cholerae, plasmodium, p.falciparum,mycobacterium tuberculosis, human immunideficiency virus etc etc..

We were actually playing with foods!! You can cook!! like in my last post.. Bake or even making a juice traditional way!! by squeezing it manually (to be done in the near future).. Yes!! Unbelievable??? believe it..

We went to huaho area during lunch with tcr just for fun.. n do a lil of food hunting d mum n huaho hehehe and window shopping.. n we have the perfect song for cruising tadi.. hmm  cmana lgunya td?? bout the ice cream tingyy.. yeah

Handball was umm tottaly different.. Maybe we were just cool dat way Xp ppl sed dat our match, the Golden Apple, against the White Berries ada 'spark'. Ppl were shocked! Dey say dat kami bri ijap (the Golden Apple).. MayB because we give our best because this is the last game. We don really into this game. We just do it for fun. Adi was awesome, Hong was awesome-er and i'm the awesom-est Xp hahah zul was umm okay hahah Nada wah zul Xpp

Urg sed the game between us was a blast.. Drg pun kajar2 and ancing trus meliat hehehe

Can't wait for tomorro outing.. No zul, kami nda dating.. Just NORMAL outing!!

I can hear the wave from ur fats~ Xpp

Zul think i have the 'HOTS' for her hmm
wina is blushing
The poll ends msa my Bday, 710 at 6 pm

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