Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The way it is

I tottaly agreed with ur thesis about the art of cooking fiqaHAHAboo.. Yes stats is very important. You cant just eat the same fish everyday sampai extinct. cmon!! we learnt about normal distribution n stuffs. N it sucks. Y? sal u hav to look at the annoying table for the answers.. Booring. Unlike perm n comb = the best chapter! hehe

So wahidah, i can't wait to see mr kerebo thid holiday. I might crash ur house anytime to see this krebo dude. I wonder if i can play ur drum set too Xp

School.. BOOORING.. but for today.. better than boring.. Sal the fatty boy Z was absent!! no him = no FAT!! n byk space trus.. Weee, i like.the battle of fats will never have an end.. So with dat. I QUIT!! mlsku melayan lg.. Update ler cikit. FAT is so 20's

Midgets increasing at an alarming rate.. Midgets everywhere.. PTUI... Not interested

I hate dat girl. We HATE dat girl.. paking bish! don like u.. ya tink ure cool?? eat karipaps den.. giving advice.. YSW.. PTUI.. get da hell out of ma life

Having new frens(not really new lah. Old ones yg nda tlayan since fom 4) = problem.. No new frens = suck.. lupakan old fren?? NO.. so wats the big deal?! having lots of fren = Fun.. Conquer new places, find sumting new. Rather than bkulat2.. Our time in MS is getting shorter.. Get along together while u can..

Those group sucks.. Think they are cool?? my medulla oblongata lah.. Get a life!! Ani bkurung.. U guys suck..

Organic chem.. My fav(major) i tink.. but this person ruined my(our) mood.. I need a calming pill

Fiqah of FnV (boos, 69, kamasutra), kerupuk mamamu nyaman.. 

Zatie - ur choc cake??? bila??

Yee fah - in denial, don worry.. we'll support u hahah

Naveen - not horny, the girls brutah hornier wawawa

Wina - He's suck.. Kick him and her away

hehehe.. boring, i noe

don worry girl, u'll be my date nanti.. i promise.. how bout our child??? shud we named him 1,4-dibromo-2-methylpentane??? mcm wat that annoying girl sed wawawa

Najmi ada mole baru cos he don like it w/o THE MOLE

Z4L & A4L
We luv u

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