Thursday, June 12, 2008

movie critics

well people.. lets start our review bout movie critics.. movie critics are ummm not prefessional.. yes.. They try their best to destroy the hope of the director to be nominated in the oscar.. apakan.. anyways..

Lets make correction about the reviews:
THE DUDE inda actually make new friends.. IA just hang out more with them this time.. Unlike last year and the year before.. This dude hang out more with the "old" friends more than with them.. So its kinda umm how shud we say it, ummm paham2lah. Only ure the one who make a big fuss about it. My "new" fren which bnrnya old, doesnt complain pun.. Even my cousin pun which aku slalu hangout with them every friday and sunday arh my grandma msa ani rarely(due to homeworks, assignments, projects) pun nda complain.. I just hangout sma drg msa special occasion. Ani kawan tia plg.. PTUI lah... Drama jua eh...

And about the suck tingie.. Its not LnF or MP's kah apakah ok.. Its the junies... Yg slalukan menampakkan bra drg ah.. OK!

Hmm apa lagi ah

So the one yg CHIDISH ani is U! Pls lah... if nda tau wat the real story is.. jgn make assumption

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