Tuesday, May 13, 2008

wicked.. an inconvenient truth

i'm posting this post to tell u people out there about a friend of mind. I don't want to mention her name as this post might embarassed her. This girl, sarah, is a friend of mind. Let me tell you the physical properties of sarah:
  • she's short compared to najmi
  • she always turn her bitch mode on if ure being bitchy
  • she loves MIB
  • she's in denial if she likes dat person*should i list them out??"
  • she hates bitch people
  • she's in love with izzy flabby *her flabby lah, not izzy gagaga*
  • she love stats (her favourite)

so dats just part of it. The rest can be found online.. just type in www.theawesomesarah.com GAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGA

ok back to my story. Sarah is a girl n maybe the only person on earth who have a misconception about balls. i mean balls bah BALLS. I was talkin to the perverted girl, tikah about mussolini *ntah cmana kh ejanya*, stalin then hitler.. *arghh migrain. why am i talking bout this people??"

Den suddenly i think najmi's the one who said, "ksian ah ia ada satu ball gnya"

sarah : awu, ksian kna ucap gay

aku : iawah?? satu gnya bah?? ksian manakan ia mental jd dictator *exaggerating Xp"

sarah : *confused* ndang nya jua semua urg atu

*cricket,cricket* me n najmi startled upon her respone.. followed by moment of silence

aku : i think sarah nda tau apa balls ani

den i called ian to join us den tell the whole story

I dont remembered what happend afterward i mean the conversation.. i mean which people said which one so i just mix them up lah after this.

Sarah still terdiam. i think ian did mention sumtin sal the balls can be seperated or sumtin. den atikah sed about testicle n lower secondary science. Hmm poor sarah, i tought as an ELit student, you should know about this. I think im overestimating their capabilities. So do not over judge them. wahahah

PS : monkey corpulate 40 times per minute.. WOW!! gila kali

gila, gay jua si adrian ani gagagag (msa GP class)

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