Saturday, May 24, 2008

we lose fashionably... Xp

Lets start the post with the picture of our team, GOLDEN APPLE (dats yellow by the way, so do not flood the text box bout the colour!!)
From left to right : lhorus(mua wang, rambut ah bektah gunting), nununnn(pose maut ka?!), mel (anak cina), juren(muslimah melayu), adi(yg selalu high), Zul(FAT), yeefah (anak si jat, kan jadi cute ko kah? bju damit! gagaga)

For more pictures(not really) n gmbr msa tni party td, click on jureen on the right hand side, under bloggers or if kmu rajin taip Xp heheh

And kmi dpt pujian for having the lawa-est baju among the others Xp

Todays match, RED DURIAN against us.. mcm setan bah red durian ah. If si Kai nada, i bet were gonna win. Kai, jgntah ko men eh. Kau jd ballboy sja gagagag. JK JK. Laju bah anak atu + the goal post atu too wide for handball. If si Baby R, terintercept juaku if ia shoot. I have to be the goal keeper since aku the best among of my team tp aku nda mau bnrnya sal aku not good at intercepting. I rather run, catch the ball n shoot! Dayyum man. If aku jd striker with yeefah + the advantantage of me being taller, red durian will lose!! 

Sigh, well nda pa. Since aku gentleman, aku relakan diriku menjadi goal keeper. 

About chem, takut tiaku nah sal everyone ckp pyh. Not dat aku confident dpt A. If aku sed sanang, dat doesnt mean aku dpt A!. By sanang, maksudku the test atu answerable n bulih pass with a grade B/C/D Xp So dont get me wrong people. Sentitip ne isu ani.

So i'll end my post with a very useless info from now on(if aku tpikir)
We(non-smoker) inhale 85% of cigarette smoke compared to a smoker which is 25%

Lhorus 710 signing out..... tuuuuuuuut~
(Bek kmu tag if kmu bca! Xp u read den u tag n we reply. Dats the principle of blogging)

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