Thursday, May 22, 2008


I guess I just feel like blogging now. Fitness test sucked hard. Screw fitness test. I am in pain especially my stomach. Since I dont usually complicate things, i call it TUMMY ACHE. Sadly, I am being referred as a little kid by this guy i would like to label as GiganticNerd. Just because i call it tummy ache ah. He said its more like an abdominal injury. Antam. I am sticking to tummy ache.

Some say chemistry test was easy. I would have said that too if i actually studied really hard for it. Unfortunately, I tend to procrastinate a lot ah, besides, msn and skype kept me away from my books and so-called professional file =O So yes, whateverrrr really. Not that i dont care, i just believe i DO HAVE more IMPORTANT things to worry about. Let it go.

No matter how irritating you, GiganticNerd can be, you always make me happy.
No matter how busy you, GiganticNerd are, I can never stop waiting.
No matter how mumblish you, GiganticNerd are, I can still understand your iloveyou =)
No matter how sticky you, GiganticNerd can be, I still want to hold your hands (Of course clean hands are preferable)
No matter how sucky you GiganticNerd are, I always love you =)

Bah stop this nomatterthing. I cant think of anything but pain.

Good night, before I go, I leave you with this.

Never mind. Listen sendiri.

Amos Lee- Colors.

-I am D now :)

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