Friday, May 9, 2008

Babybybybyby =.=

Hi. Youve all been wondering who my boyfriend is.

Here I am to make a post about my beloved boyfriend. Enjoy guessing.

1. He is 2 years younger than me. Age is not a factor alright =)
2. He smokes.
3. He is 5 ft 3. Which is like CENTIMETRES taller than me. BIG WHOOP.
4. He is in tututututut school. Absolutely non-ms.
5. He has clear eyesight. woooohooo. hence, he doesnt wear specs.
6. He EATS carrots.
7. He dislikes House.
8. He is a skater *wiggleseyebrows yes that turns me on.
9. Die hard fan of hilary duff.
10. He thinks songs by the perishers suck big time.
11. He calls me awesome and ticnub. no its not buncit you fool.
12. He loveeeeeeeeeesss taking pictures of himself.
13. No he doesnt go to gym in case youre wondering.
14. He has 2949287439 siblings and ALL of them baik banget.
15. He listens to every word i say. No he is not stubborn at all. hee.
16. Oh my god, he can never cook buttermilk chicken. But I love him.
17. He is soo nottt a pessimist. He thinks positive all the time.
18. He organises his files neatly. No we re not schoolmates but i asked the former girlfriendSSS okay.
19. He is sooo manly. He punches every guy who stares at me picking my nose.
20. He doesnt say 'EEEE *SCREEECCCHHH*' when he gets excited :)
21. He likes me pinching him HEE.
22. He is a racist (esp angmoh). That makes me one, too. Damn it.
23. He loves sweating=sun. It is in fact, healthy.
24. I cant think of any other reason why i love him. but my love for him is endless.

This is soooooooooooo right.

PS: sabri, i love you HEE.

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