Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pixiport The Third.

Hi I am eating redondo and am home alone. I went out this morning only to experience the worst weather ever so ive decided to stay at home, onlining or maybe doing my ho.. what eh.. me.. ohyes.. work. =(

Here I give you plenty of random pictures I ve been keeping in my laptop. Baka. Panuh memory ku.

Dils and Yen
Year: 2006

Izzaty Amanina and Nuraini Rosli Year : 2005

Adlan, Roland Poh, Khairi and Abdul Hafiz =D Year: 2005

Hello bobo and ian.

First girl, Second girl, third girl, fourth girl and fifth girl, come down here. =O -Miss Ivy Chew

National Day 2006.

Najmi and lollipop.


Back in January 2006. =D

I posted this before, did i not? =(

Tiqah, kenapa kau liat aku?

Sakaitembikai. Where is Sarah? =D
MP and PRS cafe.

Tiqah the noob.

The truth beyond me wearing tudong and oh oh, spot the irony! =O

Ps: Cheahwen: I dont get neopets =( I only play pizza frenzy! =D and.. diner dash.


Ps: Ema: woywoy.

Ps: I like the Font Arial =D

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