Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tunas Bangsa

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happy 24th National Day to everyone esp to the Pra-U 1 of Maktab Sains who're willing to march under the hot sun. Encouragement by the teachers help us to build strong teamwork(kalilah) n forget the past(MS Rebels). As usual we hav to wait under the raging hot sun n i'm getting darker day by day. Nevermind dat sal im getting sexier wakakak. nadadeh. Everyone was hunting for cameras to take their pictures to mark their involvement in the 24th National Day celebration. It was a success!! the teacher's were happy n so everyone. Haiseh n the gang didnt mind us bringing our phones! yea, give us a break lah cher. Its the 21st century! Rules are meant to be banned! WOOOO

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so thanks to the sarjan n corporal's for giving us guidance for marching. Semoga Allah membalas jasa kamu berempat. MS RRrrrocks! n so are the rebels wakakaka

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This maybe the last time we'll be involved in the National Day celebration together as school mates. Let me recap some of the magic moments in the past.

23rd February 2004

All the MB 2's were selected to be part of the Flora n Fauna's field performance for the 20th National Day celebration which was held at Night(first time yo!) at National Stadium. It was a perfect night. I still remember yg fireworks atu right on top of us n tuli kami slajur! Awesome view! The girls became the simpur flower(Brunei National Flower!) where as the guys play the kikik!

This year is the first time I'm involved in such event!

23rd February 2006

Two years after that, the MP's of 06/07 with some Pra-U 1 were selected to be part of the marching team n field performance team. We were given Red kiaps, two blue pompoms n yello umbrellas. N we were given this purple long sleeve baju for the day. We have to make 3 patterns for the field performance.The first one was to make dis bunga shape yg ada arh sinjang atu using the kiaps. Second one is the map of Brunei Darussalam using the pompons n third Brunei National Flag using the umbrella. I stil remembered dat payung si najmi patah wakakak to strong for weak payung. Everyone enjoyed dat day n did not regret anything

Wahaha si bokh ah

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