Sunday, February 24, 2008


Loves =D

The photographer and errr, the photographees.

Melvin Lim =D

Hide pei jin, hide!

Omgzzzz, the photographer is right there. cmon! 0.o

Big grin, zeef! haha


Well at least three of them opened the eyes. HAHA

Ian, i feel like pinching your cheeks now. HAHA

Can you spot Sabri? HAHA

Ema, Pijah, Juren and Akmal. :)

Santi, urang belakang mu kan begambar jua :)
everybody looks less meher in this edited version.

SUCI and egg promotion!
ps: look at izzat. attention seeker! HAHA

Dils, Ry and Yen
Eh, where's tiqah? =p

I personally enjoyed the march pass. =)



Ema Aziela

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