Friday, February 15, 2008


We had chinese new year celebration yesterday held at the -can be considered as- small cafeteria where one sat not more than 1 cm away from the other. During break (just before the whole thing started) we were searching for empty seats and luckily there were some at wedah's table so we decided to join them as well.

There we actually had a very clear view of the stage until people were eager enough to get the clearest view of the lions that they actually stood up, blocking our view. Some of us had to stand on the bench coughraihancough but i guess it became awkward towards the end where im sure everybody thought, 'why the hell am i embarrassing myself?' and finally sat back, properly.

(Fast forward to when the celebration ended)

After donating $3.50 to the canteen, we came back to our table and saw few strangers standing near it with angry looks. Puzzled, we then asked amal what actually happened...Oh they were complaining about us snatching their table away from them. One of them was actually telling everybody who passed her by about us and she actually mumbled 'respect your that7letterwordstartswithS' all the way before finally giving up and ending her mumbling with 'oh whatever' and went home.

I dont know which one was funny; that or the fact that few of her guyfriends later moved a table and bangggggggggggg-ed it forcefully right behind us. I bet she was frustrated because she didnt get chosen as one of the dancers. awww too bad.

I actually still wonder why she did not just come to us and say it in our faces instead of being such a coward. haha we probably would consider moving to another table. LOL Besides, amal and wedah were already prepared, i would really love to see some actions such as pulling each other's tudong or bra; mannn, that would be the climax of the celebration. =D


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