Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gokusen 3

Gokusen 3 -adapted from the anime itself- will be aired in April on J-TV. Good news to all gokusen 1 and 2 fans (especially sabri!) although they have to wait at most a year for the dvd to be released (unless youre over excited/a fanatic fan/definitely capable (rich) enough to buy online from or perhaps, watch it on youtube. I hope the story line will be different as both gokusen 1 and 2 have lots (!!) of similarities including the problems occured.

But, i think the main cast are disappointing, i hardly know any of them. Inda famous. Id rather watch another gokusen with matsumoto jun, akanishi jin and kazuya kamenashi in it. =)

ps: There were about 600 applications for the audition. 300 of them went through the interview and audition.


Yukie Nakami

Yuya Takaki

    Haruma Miura

    Hideo Ishiguro
    Junta Nakama
    Akito Kiriyama

Shohei Miura

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