Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Just to answer barney's question, iv decided to make a special comeback for him (or.....her =___=) and post something here. As you all know, this blog has been sabrified and for that reason, iv changed the template...design or whatsoever you call it to something more errr guyish. =____=

Although few sections such as labels and links are no longer available, i ll try to put them back soon........ (tho i think they re quite useless) 0.o

Sooo why why why am i no longer blogging? 'cause i hate waiting for blogger.com pages to reload themeselves. besides, having brunet as my ISP, i can only probably publish a post after a few days.

So yeah i guess that is all.

Btw, i uploaded a song by sabri on esnips. If you wish to listen to it every night like a lullaby, you can download it there; the title is 'sabri!'

The lyric goes like 'dilah... kau bebau...keh keh keh sorry dil' =_="

Veryyyyyyyyyy very tired,
nurul i-ve-changed-it-sab adilah

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