Monday, January 28, 2008

the day of the results

It was 11.30 am. Me, Zul n Adrian was eager to get out of the dull boooring gp class.. He(Donald Nixon) asked us to write two questions about Roald Dahl n we were clueless n very VERY lazy. Im the writer, zul the one who suggest the question n adrian answered it.. the bell rang.. i went to the lavatory to wet my dried lips. after dat i went out n suddenly sadrina (a girl =.=") shouted n sed

Sadrina : O level results udah keluar n aku dapat lapan O!!

Everyone : iawah?? Ahhhhhh(panicked except me)

MSs Singh : (angry expressions) Sadrina where did u noe about dis?

I went straight for maths class coz it was so noisy bah

while waiting for ck rosita to come, aku hangout at the door n talked to khairi about bio test.

Me : Sanang?

Khairi : ok lah. questionnya straight forward..

*skip to msa the results keluar*

dat time tcr talked about function n ia pigang dis cute n flexible ruler.. then an army of NERD melintas my class..

everyone was running n my class was angry at dat time. everyone keluarkan mob drg n tcr rosita warned them. but she's too nice n biarkan. heheh n she sed

ck rosita : if aku ambil semua mobile berapa ku dapat ah?

den after dat she stopped the lesson

*skipped to when i noe the results*

i went out from the computer leb.. frustrated sal my Bm n surprisingly shocked sal my english..

i saw tcr yani at the bridge n approached her..

Me : hai cher

Tcr Yani : hai. wat did u get?

Me : 7A 1B cher

Tcr Yani : wow congratulations.

Me : tq cher

dtg Ms Lim : wats dis?? ooo o level results! wat did u get sabri

Me : A cher.

Ms Lim : (feeling glad)

bla2 n aku n rai ke dapan english staffroom.. basically aku mau cakap apa yg tcrs ckp arhku lah

Me : hai cher

Ms Mary : Hai, congratulations

Me : Tq

i went inside the english staffroom

Albert : what did u get sabri

Me : A for english sir

Don : wow! congratulations

me, farid, rai n aini bekumpul n jumpa our teachers

at bio department. Hampa coz sir zainal was not der. me n aini k arh tcr DkCt to get our super thick notes

den we went to BM department n jumpa Ck Madiah

bla2 n byk kami ckp

Ck Madiah : eh beranti ck ngajar eh. Risau ck byk kamu nda dapat A ah

Kami : jgntah takut ck. bukan salah ck tu


n kami proceed to arh academic room

May che diam gnya =.=" n kami jln arh finance room

sini kami byk ckp n im lazy to type it

den kami turun tangga n jumpa sir ZAINAL wohoooo =.="

SIR : i did not expect u to get A (arh seng)

Seng : speechless

Me n Najmi : Ouch

SIR : frankly speaking. n u prooved me dat u can get A

End of story.. nitezzzzzZZZZZZZzzZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzZZZzz

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