Saturday, December 1, 2007

what we do when "mommy's" not around hehe =)

Hello there =) i am hereeeeeeeeee. =D As most of you might have noticed, dilah added me as one of the authors for this blog. Thank you dils. =D So, some of you might wonder what us mps do when our "mommy" aka cikgu risah is not around. You might think, "hey, they worship her all the time" or "i'm sure they do their work veeeerrrryyyy seriously" or "work is their middle name like duhhh" Well, think again. I would like to share with you the precious moments of not having her around =D Instead of telling you about it in words, i'll show you the pictures. After all, a picture says a thousand words. Wuiiiisssshhh.

we go crazy at a 50cent shop waiting for it to open, weird but true

we take pictures with dildo-like swords oyeaahhh

we point, laugh and drool at whatever we want especially uhh yeahhhhh =)

we wonder what "mommy's" up to cause we miss her so muchh*silence* uuuu! paris hilton! =DD

we join the circus, mana kamu pernah kan kan =D

we undergo poklenisation, because we loveee poklens =)

we uhhhhh yeahhhh that =)

we take pictures of nostrils =)

we introduce high fashion

we go jiwanging in groups on staircases

And that is all for now. All of the above is just a thousandth of all the things we do when our "beloved mommy" is not around. Yes, only a thousandth. Oh those moments =') so stay tuned, till then =)

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