Saturday, December 1, 2007

Another thought

[Tiqah, you're welcome =) Haha] tiqah has lots of ideas and surely is talkative so, i dont think she has any problem managing this blog except when it comes to........arranging stuff. LOL. =D I am quite boring (seriously,i am not very talkative in contrast to tiqah.....thats a compliment tyx), thats why i had decided to invite her as one of the authors. [To sabri, jadi?]

But now here i am, having a few things to mention. If you re one of the faithful visitors of this page [aisshhh =p], you should have noticed the template keeps changing from time to time. HEHE =D I just cant make up my mind okay, seeing those pwwwwety templates on, lol it's really testing my patience. HAHA. =) Fyi, i've made a promise to myself, i can only change the template twice a month, starting from.... today *looksupproudlywhilethenationalanthemisplaying*

Since the holiday is starting soon, [well its already started pulang] I've bought a number of dvd boxsets from golden music. I will watch them during the december holidays........ Scratch that. I've watched them all.

I dont want to buy some more because the ones left are uhm the old ones... So, i ve decided to join some competition held by relc. Just to kill the time.

My computer is invaded by the stupid virus i got from a teacher's pc at school! #$%^& The processing time gets slower and slower each day, i cant wait to replace this old piece of junk.
In the mean time, it's still my babyyyy =D Aight, for that reason, i am going to stop here before all the words i just typed disappear. good night everyone! :)


......lala =_="

ps: congrats 5c for winning the cleanliness award....again! =D

pps: apa hadiah nya? patung meiji lagi?

ppps: anyway, ada kamu simpan untuk aku? HAHAHA

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