Monday, October 8, 2007


If you re wondering why i am still blogging when exam is 8 days away, I've prepared the answer. I've come to a decision to join the aec net, the international computer tingy conducted by uhrrrr.. the concerned parties in singapore. So yeah, the competition is very simple, we just need to prepare a blog based on a given theme and if you're lucky, you might win the first prize, a cash of 1000 dollars. There's no difference between the bruneian and the singaporean currencies obviously, so no need to take out your calculator, dear readers.

Registration will be closed tomorrow, 09/10/07. If you're interested, you may see Miss Robina or just email her as soon as possible (cos she'll be going off to singapore for cough vacation as soon as the holidays start). =D

Last year, the team consisted of hafiz,hafiz,colin,hanif and bla bla didnt manage to win aec net. It was different, participants had to create a web page about their respective lovely country. Patriotic much. Of course, even though we already had the best web page creators, the power of the cerebrums of the other foreign students should have never been underestimated. (Pardon my bad exaggerating techniques) I've seen Philippines', gila, my jaw dropped upon seeing it, I seriously think they had spent their every second on it! It was absolutely faultless! Thumbs-up! =) Even so, I congratulate (even though akhir sudah) hafiz and the team for winning the best cooperative team! Booohooowww =D

I think i should continue studying now. Ciao!

I love coffee HAHA,

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