Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Boooohowwwwwwwwwwwwww. :) Hungry I really am and a bit hyped up. I shouldnt have eaten chocolates during sahur time. Anyway, i currently have got nothing to talk about, so shall we talk about the 3 marmosets? Yes,we shall.

I bet yen is on her way to or perhaps already at a phone shop (i dont know where really); oh she is buying a new phoneeee. Dudidudidum. =D She's been with her damaged phone for like a year alreaaaady, thank God the idea of buying a new one has come to her eventually. :) Seriously, I dont know how she managed to survive with the phone screen covered with cracks. =/

Tyx, on the other hand, must be in her room. She is currently holding her phone and is online (d'oh). Uhm, undoubtedly chatting with the loveeeeeeee of her life. :) To think she is actually sleeping at this time, the probability is 0. (checks MSN hehe=D).

Where as ryan is very unpredictable. She either is standing in front of her mirror right now, fixing and admiring her beautiful red-highlighted shiny hair or has gone to her favourite shop in jalan batu bersurat . hehe. =) Or maybe jalan2 alooooooooooooone at the mall right now because thats what she does most of the time. :/

And me? Nothing interesting.


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