Monday, October 1, 2007

It's coming back love

Am i sick or is the weather getting really really irritating ?! Ooh, it felt like as if someone put lighted candles around you. Not that i ve been in such situation okay-eesh you get the picture.

For unknown reasons, the feeling excitement to attend the school slowly fades away as holidays approaching. Like this morning, i was standing on the door mat for about 15 minutes deciding whether or not should i come to school. Finally i chose to come soon after images of miss goh takingearlyholidaysissit?! look suddenly creating a slideshow in my head. Sigh.

moving on. No puasa for me today okay. He he. hungry i really was at school after cleaning the auditorium. Thank god:) sherwin was being kind-hearted enough to share his sweet danone biscuits with us. Tee hee.

Anywoots, my status is emo currently okay, i just finished watching the penultimate episode of TMOL. shit shit shit. 0='( i really felt like moving my feet into the tv and changing the whole scene! to make it right.

fooled and confused,

thought of the day: will it change? The way people treat you?

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