Monday, July 13, 2009

More gossips in hand

Sleepover at Rabi's was not in one of my holiday list but it was worth it. Spending 2 nights with them was unforgettable (hmm hmm). People say that I can be very convincing at times and i can be a good sales man. Apa eh..

Hotel Seri Rabi is the best place if u want to gain weight (doesnt work for me though), sleep late, lots of laugh, goin crazy....... dayum, what a very unhealthy life. My left ear got burned ='( sob sob. Its okay.. Just a lil bit itchy. Ada tia burn mark nah.

My rotation attachement kana freeze. The good thing is aku bulih relax tapi the bad thing is bahapa tah ku ne??

I wonder where is the DVD player in my living room?? Anyone??

Sigh, help me... Give me a life...

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