Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back from hiking

This weekend's hike is much more cool-er than the previous one. I think this time we hiked properly. We saw lots of interesting stuff like sheep, cows and horses and their dungs =.=" LOTS OF IT hehe.. Kami naik bukit, proper bukit. Tinggi!!! The view from the top of the hill was superb! I like it. Owh you noe what?? On the top of the hill, there's a golf course =.=" haha

And it snowed when we reached the top. And the field was already full of snow. This calls for a snoowball fight!!! Hahah this time nada russians so lagi siuk lah. Man, im really2 tired. I just eating four cheese melts, four chocolate digestives and a cup of apple+banana juice.

 A photo grabbed from the oswestry school's website. Huhuhu Time masa valentines ball. I tink this photo was taken by Mrs Yates. She pajal-ed us tuk bergambar so that ada jua gambar kan d taruh arh website skulah. Membai malu eh... Awkward kali ah......

How i wish i can turn back the time to the 28th of July 2008


I was bored and depressed during chapel time. Well i dont do chapel so i stayed in guini. In the computer room i chatted with syaifah n we talked about burberry's outlet store. Sana cheaper but then i noe nda jua ku terbali.. For example these stuff:

850 pounds
Ani inda lawa??? putih g tu!! =(
695 pounds
95 pounds
ani saja kan meliatkan harga cufflinks.. tapi lawa jua
845 pounds
350 pounds
95 pounds

Matey, bek kurik idung saja

Dream on~

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