Tuesday, February 3, 2009

After prep time

After prep time, boring menjelma.. kalinya kami dgr the bruneians from guini house teriak2 so kami serang haha.. at first only bruneians sja main snowball fight.. then came the hong kongs.. damn after that Mr Morris and Mr Leonard(the new man matron) join.. Lapas atu keluar the locals.. And lastly the Russians.. 

Damn handal eh the russians.. arghh sakit.. Mana inda urg pro lawan amateurs.. Basah rambut.. mudian some of us escaped after belawan for 45 minutes.. lari ke netball area arh bukit and kami rolled down the hill!! wee haha buat snow angel n snowman with nisah and didin.. 

Ok esuk g!! I hope.. lets pray together

Owh by the way, they made a snowman n tarun dapan2 view windowku.. why am i mentioning this?? pasal drg buat a penis with huge two white balls haha.. Gila bayie si james ani.. Haha

I noe sar kau tenggalam

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