Thursday, December 4, 2008

UKMT senior mathematics challenge n other stuffs..

I hope the oswestry school don't mind yang aku grab the photos n d article ^^

Oswestry School students scooped 2 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze awards in the recent UK Senior Maths Challenge. The A level students competed by answering 25 questions of increasing difficulty in a fixed period of time.

Over 4500 schools in the UK participate in the annual maths challenges, which are designed to stimulate interest in maths, using tests of reasoning and mental agility.

“Maths is a popular subject at Oswestry School and our students regularly achieve well at GCSE and A level,” said Miss Scott. “Taking part in the Maths Challenges helps them to increase their skills and to find further enjoyment in the subject.”

Four of the successful students will now go on to participate in the Regional Maths Team Challenge at Wolverhampton.

(grabbed from the oswestry school's website.. tu dsiring ah ada jua linknya Xp)

Back : Desiree (Gold & top of the school)), Toyin (Silver), Nadhirah (Bronze), Akmaliah (Bronze), Nisah (Silver)
Front : Gareth (Bronze), Liza (Gold), Melanie (Bronze), Melvin (Bronze), Sabri (Silver)

Silver yo!! haha unexpected.. pikir bronze.. 
im excited sal my first certificate here bah..

Oyea.. look below..

In the Gym.. rambut larak..

Straightened hair.. hmm not bad Xp

Current hair.. (not taken on  the same day.. eventho baju sama) damn!! short.. haha
Aku cut sal urg ckp rmbutku sama mcm si yeefah >=(

Td kan masa physics.. haha sir ada crack dis joke arh bruneians wah.. which kami pernah dgr (some bruneians nda pernah, ksian).

Kisahnya cmani.. kami buat experiment sal elastic tingy arh copper wire. Kalinya since aku ampir white board ia assume aku "volunteer" tuk merecord. Hmmph So aku kdapan lah, (au mal, tinggi panya white board ah, sulnya randah) n ia bagi kayu (assume ruler lah) tuk buat table.. Den aku buat lah, mudian sir cakap.. "dont bruneians have a ruler?"

Class terdiam, n ada urg bangang.. Den aku cakap Duh! (damit plg tu haha)

Den sir ckp, "of course! the SULTAN" HAHAH drg maseh bangang.. Aku ketawa2 n i tink si nad n zaw jua..

I am so into physics rite now, so fed up with bio eventho sanang.. test ganya.. kan matui

spring constant, elastic, plastic, tensile, brittle, more formulas.. etc etc


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