Monday, October 27, 2008

thorpe parkk..

eloow ppl.. kemarin marks the beginning of ummmmmmm lalalla

kami yday, as in the oswestrians, THE bfords(urg bedfords) and urg leighton parks pergi merantau UK untuk ke thorpe park.. Thorpe park? what the hell is dat?!! Well basically its like a jerudong park tapi lebih AWESOME!!!!

mau map of thorpe park?? tekan

ride2 yang saya naiki adalah seperti berikut:

Nothing sneaks up on you as quickly as the extreme thrill of going 0-80mph in under 2 seconds to a staggering 205 feet! 

the view from the top!! gila kan matui!!

Atu inda tinggi?!! laju g tu nyamu!! nda dapat dtutup mata ah!!

Nda caya tinggi?! liat!! naik 90 degrees wah!! sma turun and the speed laju!! 80 miles per hourr in 2.8 secs!! aku, ziemah and si zaw naik ani!! kami takut plg.. tungkal


ani the first roller coaster yang kami ride in our life!! mambri ijap!! ada 10 G force acting arh body kami.. World record!! laju g tu!! n balik2 bepusing!! tp siuk n awesome!!


ani a ride yng garenti basa.. GARENTI 100%

look!! basar kan the wave..


This disorienting thrill ride sees you lose yourself in a magnificent maelstrom where you're weightless one second and plummeting earthwards the next!

You'll be spinning while you're swinging, as the giant pendulum thrashes through the air like the claw of a crazed mechanical monster.

hmmm yea dats all.. yang lain nda berapa bari ijap.. so aku mls post..


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