Saturday, October 18, 2008

Theme night = Pre-historic!

Hahah elllew people..... Last night was awesome.. ari ani?? ngalih kan mati!! haha

My costume 4 d night.. It does fit very well.. N im wearing shorts inside okay...

Alex and Moritz(yang si zaw gilakan)

Clemens, dikko, me, vincent and mark

The Bruneians @ Holbache house

At the party

The Bruneians at the Party

Awal2 party

Awal2 party with flash

Holbache residents and some guineavere girls from Brunei


Hot eh urg ujung ah.. dayyumm u toyin hehe

Dancing floor

Everyone.. meet Dikko.. HAHAH he's a guy FYI

The party

Nisah the CAVE

Everyone wants to hug the boulder @ desiree

Dancing floor 2

Dancing floor 3

Dancing floor 4
Look at gary.. makai boxer gnya ah hehe.. awesome patternnya

ps : aku inda mabuk okayyy
got another 100 in bio test 2 Xp

*more pics at facebook

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