Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It’s monday, 1:26 AM and my brother isn’t home yet. This post should have been posted at this time, but because of oh-so-awesome stupid connection, I was unable to do so. Stupid! No connection. What the hell.

Oh my brother is back! It’s 1:29 AM and he was carrying a blue nokia shopping bag. WHAT! Membali phone baru ia ka?? There goes Zul’s hope, going down the drain. His wish of getting a new phone vanished because of the very awesome retarded phone yang selalu te-scroll up which msa ani OK dah.

I was just finished watching dis awesome thriller movie titled ‘SNAKES ON A PLANE’, at first I tought it must be boring. So i watched it anyway. I skipped the introduction part until the plane part. The introduction was BORING like shit. Eventhough i didn’t get how the snakes got on the plane, i just watch the rest of it. It was awesome and brigali at the same time. The snakes looked realistic! I was scared jua, because mcm balik2 mengajutkan especially when the snakes lapas from the box. Banyak dead bodies jua mihir2 sulnya. All kinds of snakes ada. Seriously, mihir. I was gona barf pulang tp parutku kusung hehe

It was an old movie anyway. No, no, no, bukan black and white. I was talking bout 2006 punya movie kali. Nda ku tau bila released. So people, go watch this movie! Siuk! On scale one to ten of awesomeness, i give a 8. On scale one to ten of mihirness, i give a 9. Well yeah, liat sja. The movie lasted for 1 hour 45 mins i think.

Btw awal2 ada explicit scene, nda plg teruk banar. Umm maybe teruk, ahhh who cares. Iatah part yang si Izzy suka tu. Wihout it, mana ia mo meliat tu.

Here are the some scenes from the movie:

Ok school holidays is setting shorter. I have to do my homeworks. A lot like hell!! Dayyum.. Should have finished it awal2 holiday. Ok let me make a list of my homeworks

1.       Pure Math

·         Revision excercises for all chapters. 3 udah siap i think msa d kls. So 6 mooooore to go.

·         Past year specimen paper year 2001 which I have to do it within a time limit. Dat’s wat ck Rosita instructed us

2.       Statistics

·         Revision/Assignment 5

3.       Biology

·         67 MCQ questions and 23 pages of fill in the blanks + MCQ question. Which teacher cramp berabis the whole thing. Imagin, 4 pages in a page! Woah!!! Conserve paper banar. I don’t know if i can read it kah inda. Telapau damit! I need a magnifying glass.

·         3 structured questions.

·         Bio project 3 – Admin pond (ecosystem).

·         Memprint Notes WHICH AKU TERDELETE!! Sumone from PU1A and PU1D bio class, email aku the notes

4.       Chemistry

·         Revise Organic chem. for topic test 4 Whuuuutttt.. Last minit sja eh, eventho banyak like hell new stuffs! Esp the homologous groups. Last time we only learned 4. This time 12!! One of em sama mcm last year, the rest hmmmmm.. New stupid terms lagi mcm nucleophilic, electrophile... ZzzZzzZz

5.       GP

·         Seb bek nada hw or anything. Lagipun mcm nda pernah belajar jua bah.. Nda ja??

Yeap, dats all. Damn I can’t sleep!! Woke up at 2 pm.. den tdo aroud 5 pm kali n bangun at 7pm hmmm i think i’m turning to FATTY ZUL yang selalu tidur wawawa..

Nanti ku post sal Sunday outing ariatu with wedah aka wanda/katak/Cameron diaz, syah aka kelawar and yee fah aka Mr Hong/Kutubabi..


Aku mo liat movie yang superman, tp july kan released.. SHIT

Ok back to DVD’s hehehe

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