Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Constipation - a healthy way of life

What is constipation?

Constipation is a medical condition which causes people to have difficulty getting rid of solid waste from their body. By solid waste i mean taie bah.. taie! shit, crap, feaces, organic substance, fertilizer Xp any word dat i missed?? Do tell me

Ok here im going to introduce you the new healthy way of life.. Why am i saying dis agen?? Constipation!! yes, constipation. Why?? I tell you..

  1. When you are constipated, you tend to shout on top of your lungs (mcm sumtin wrong.. do correct me english freaks). This is a good way to practice ur vocals or even upgrade it from soprano to bass. Good innit? Den you can join the school choir when u get it right.

  2. When you are constipated, you tend to grip somting so that u fell powerful. This can enhance your gripping skills to prevent you from slipping when you are holding the thing. You will also have a good fist as the hands become stronger n harder.

  3. When you are constipated, you tend to press your stomach as hard as u can. Why? Because you dum-dums think that will give more force so that it can come out easily, rite? Hehehehe If you continues to press it, abs may be formed and getting harder day by day until 6 of them forms. This means that people with abs are people who are suffing from constipation! If not, den no abs lah! gagaga Xp

  4. When you are constipated, you tend to press harder with ur rectum muscle. This can build up and thicken your rectum muscle. U cannot go work out ur rectum muscle in the gym rite?? So here's the only chance! Go work it out!

  5. When you are working out your rectum muscle, you also get rid some of your FATS. As a result you lose some weight. Why? Because when you contract your muscle, the mitochondria in ur rectum muscle cells respire to produce ATP to be used for contraction!! Where do they get fuel from?? From the calories you eat and if used up, ur fats will be converted to provide more energy! Brilliant right! (Enough of the biologal talk)

So, my conclusion = constipation IS a healthy way of life! Thanks


signing out~

PS : this post have nothing to do with me

PSS: Ms mary, sory to dissapoint you msa chem class td sal my mark is the LOWEST!! 5/21!! gila!! besamipukyo nerds!!(not the nerd class)

From left to right (eh ladder ka?? gagagag): tulibu, dibu, dauchoo

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