Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today is Tuesday 11th March 2008, to everyone having only 2006 calendar at their homes. I am not going to school, thanks to my first lie today : I need to do a research on something. Well, actually because I am too tired even though I was asleep for a maximum number of hours you could probably think of. Even if i were at school now, I'd probably be staring at the clock all the time during the 3 periods of mr. jee's class. =(

So yes, my EnglishdashMalay interview will be in the afternoon, tomorrow that is. I havent prepared a damn thing for it because google keeps giving me bbbbshits such as
Petroleum Engineering - Engineering in Yahoo ! Directory. My my my, this is just gonna waste another cents of my dad's if i am to view another list of sites that has Petroleum Engineering - Engineering in Google Directory . I should probably just use yahoo search engine in that case.

dil-ddddddo! HAHA

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