Sunday, September 2, 2007


Actually, i wanted to post a music video from my computer. but a message saying 'error' kept popping up so what the heck. i ll post it up next time.

So long i havent updated this blog. too busy doing things. (nods)

speaking of, yesterday was the inforama grand final at rtb. hoping to be the champion, we came in the second place unfortunately. =( and to my surprise, i couldnt hold back my tears. once we were off the stage, i just cried. yeah, i just couldnt concede a defeat.

by 1 mark, we lost to st. george's boys. that guy, damien (or whatsoever his name is) was so good. really good. gad, we could have won if i could answer that particular question.

We took some pictures before and after the inforama. I ll post them up later when chien yee passes her pen drive to me. you will not see so much differences on cy's face, but you will see soooooo muchhh of them on my face, before and after the inforama. seriously.

So yes, thinking it was really my fault, i really felt bad and terrible. but as they say, 'whats done is done'. Heaving a sigh doesnt change anything, does it?

But it was worth it. Each of us has received a Transcend 1GB pen drive. Now, I have 3 of them. haiya.

Congrats to the participating schools anyway.

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